Fri, 16 May 2008

by - 8:48 PM

Hello, at school's computer lab right now this min . Loading Bleach, so I guess I just post up a little post .. So that my Bleach can do a better loading .. haha .. The day before yesterday went to Compass Point with Winona to bring her buy the D.Greyman book . Then went with Tako Yaki to buy Tako Yaki(: hahas .. Very funny ..

Then yesterday .. nothing really happen .. Erm, .. .. Fight with mother lo, same as usual, she's so petty, not pretty!! Then today she don't give me my pocket money .. Then I have to use my OWN money to top up my bus card, so I guess, she'll not give me for the next whole week, so I can be so hungry .. haiis .. I guess I can't go out too .. Need to save money for my bus card before I spent all .. then cannot go to school then she'll force me to WALK to school .

Like my fault isit?? She come and fight with me ma .. I can't do anything .. She nagged for so long .. then my fault ar? I don't wanna talk to her and I asked her to stop talking to me, then she still continue to talk . I'm here, studying with all my might, there she's whenever I reached home, nagging and nagging at me . What else can she do? I'm very sad already that my maths failed by 10 marks, there's she nagging non-stop, worse than techo!!!

I don't wanna care her already and she better don't come and talk to me . Make me go hungry in school, make my life so bad like hell, she'll die, she'll suffer what I suffered .. My hungryness .. See if she can still do housework without food .

A clever student like me should not go hungry(: hahas .. See, now my sugar level is so low that I can't do anything, only to watch Bleach and writing this endless post about her!!! Goddamnit!!!

Aiyo, hack care her already ..

Tadas, off to Bleach~ LALALAS~~~

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