by - 6:41 AM

Hellos pips! Wowz! I'm so tired after the whole day shopping and cutting hair and lots .. And who says "tian xia mei you bai chi de lunch"? I got ley(: Maybe is counted as I'm lucky lo, to con for lunch . Hahas .. So, pips, never con a conman(: So, don't ever try to con me, dude . Buahahas ..
Today meet Fiona, she- she very slow, said what meeting 11.30 or 12noon . In the end meet at 12.30pm and she still slowly walk and said that she walked very fast le .. Whatever lo (:
Then went to CompassPoint . Eat free lunch(: Idiot called Jeslyn to come down Compass and she did . Saw Zhao Min and Charmaine . Then they waited with us for Jeslyn then they went home . Jeslyn and Fiona and me went to Hougang Mall there to cut hair . Even Jeslyn say the shop rebond hair very cheap(:
Then Jeslyn and Fiona went to cut my hair . T_T okhay okhay, still can go out and 'jian ren' la ..
Then Jeslyn went home ..
Me and Fiona went to Bugis . I got to help Nicole buy things ...

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