Sat, 10 May 08

by - 11:35 PM

Heeyyy pips!
(Note: Pips = people, not pigs!!)

Howdy to all!! Exams are finally over, although I'm very happy, but I'm still afraid that I fail my papers . I already know that I fail my maths . Cause it's very obvious right? All my section C, I don't know how to do and I left a lot of questions blank . It's not as if I don't wanna do finish all . It's just that I have not enough time to finish them all . My goodness!

My sci!! I only have confident in my science . Even my Chinese I don't have the confident . English I sure die . My letter writing is all craps, bull shits! Why Why Why!!??

Why did I forgot how to write a simple bloody shitty letter?? Why must I forgot the format? Why did I not remember not to write the date and address?? Why?!!? I'm a dumb ass!!!

Right, back to something that can cheer me up better . Yesterday, right after the science paper, the whole class was very noisy . They yelled and shouted(:

Then after that, we went to Fiona's house . Me and Jeslyn . We went to her house and she lent her clothes and bag for us . We then change and went out then . Meet Alethea at Compass . Then went to PS to eat KFC and shop shop . Then after that when to Peninsula to shop . Boy, I always thought why my sister always called it a place for maids . Now I know why . That place is full of hotness and I mean real hot . Then the skinnies are not good and the cardigans are not cheap . It's the right place for you maids to shop for . If you got a typical maid, bring her there .(: She'll love it(:

Then stayed in the MRT there for awhile . Saw two shuaiges . Then we build a puzzle bank down there . Then we don't know where to go . Fiona wanna go Changi to look at Airports . Then she wanna go AMK to go Kbox to sing .. then alot of place was named, but when didn't go .

In the end we went to Compass Point awhile and went to the library . Stayed there till 6plus plus . Then went back Fiona's house to take my things . Then I was very late . Then Jeslyn said whoever is the last will like POW . But eww, no way .. I don't like him .(include don't love too), then in the end .. I was LAST T_T Why Why Why~?~?!!!!

Reach home about seven out a bit then rest awhile . Watched Supernatural and D.Greyman . Wanna watch Coma but afraid mother scold me ..

Happy Birthday to my mother yesterday(:

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