Sat, 31 May 08

by - 6:45 AM

Back to computer as last, only for a short while . But at last!! Hahas ..

Oh my god, my hair still haven grown a single cm yet . And this coming monday have to go back school for Maths Remedial . Hate it !! Going as Jay Chou, I found a cap, finally . I don't care if it looks ugly on me or not, I just don't wanna let people looking at me or my hair . Wish my hair can faster grow ):

Be the way, if you people wanna ask me out, here's my number :
63865508(home) . Just ask "Can speak to JINGWEN??" Or
SMS to me, I'll not reply as my handphone got no money, but I'll call you back .
98863589 .

And Danny Phantom is totally cute and shuai ~ Lavi too, Lavi too!!! Hahas .. (:

... ... MY HAIR ~~~~ T_T

That's all for now, got to go ..

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