Sun, 18 May 2008

by - 11:18 PM

Hello, Friday did went to the school computer lab, trying to load Bleach, but so angry!! The computer is so lousy, load so slow then auto re-load again, by the time, it's already after school again .. Then Yi Lin asked me to go with her to the office to take the oversea form . Went to the bus stop and saw Charmaine soon later .. Scolded me for PangSeh again .. ==

Then went to Hug Hug's house, eat at her house there cause recess didn't eat, so hungry .. Thanks YiLin! Then watched Ouran High School Host Club at her house . So funny(: Nice sia~
Must watch it!!

MIA Claymores and Death Note right now, on Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club and D.Greyman now .. D.Greyman still at ep 10 only .. The ep on the rewinding town .. Then Lavi have not shown up .. YET!! LAVIIIII!!! WhERE ARE YOU !!!??!

Tatas!! g2g liao ..
Mum's okhay liao .. Fight was over liao, finally .. If just she let me out, then more good lo .. Out also no use, no one asked me out .. Where you sia, FIONA!!! == I'm like so bored at home - .

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