Thurs, 29 May 08

by - 4:45 AM

now at Jeslyn's house . Cannot use computer at home, Er Jie locked my computer ..
Got alot of things wanna say, but all forgotten liao .

My BLEACH; D.GREYMAN and VK and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cannot watch . >.<

My fringe T_T !!!!!!!!!! GONE !!! Gone for good !!!!!!!! Sadly, this is a story and a lesson learnt to never let your mama cut your own hair . Now my hair is like so short and like shyt and my fringe is gone . This is the 1st time in my life that I got so short for a fringe for my whole life till now . I cannot go out liao T_T

Even today went to Jeslyn's house with Fiona, I wear a jacket with a hood !!!!! I really so sad lo .. Anyone wanna call my house to cheer me up(: ?? LOLLS .

Now my pimples CAN be SEEN, not covered by my fringe . If you used to watch Fann Wong, having to act as a show called 'Qi Ji' / Miracle . Her fringe is just like mine, just that mine got a hole in the centre .

Now my formal can't be worn liao . 'Coz I look so dumb like shyt and hair so short .


All my life, I really think that Danny Phantom is the most shuai guy I ever seen as a cartoon character .

+ now I'm free of being a emo freak liao(: .... ):

Zack and Cody are so kawaii tooooooooo(:

And crappy Fiona has been bugging me to go to Compass to eat her CURRY PUFF(S) .

And Duffy's Mercy is a very nice song(: (Jeslyn find it yucks!)

I got to finish up a math workbook my sister brought for me, is it last week ??
Finish it up by June Holiday end .

And I cannot on computer, and if I don't at least do 5pages of my math workbook per day, but I've done all the question I knew how to do liao .

School's Science workbook have done all liao(: YESH!!

Math Textbook Mr Tan gave in total 20questions, I only done 5 . 15 more to do . Maybe if I done all my school homework, my Jie'll be happy to let me use computer for 2 hours only? (:



8PM liao, g2g . (:

p/s Go to Jeslyn's houes to do work, in the end didn't do anything . LOLLS .. Go home sure kena scolded like SIAO . T~T

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