Thursday, 1 May 2008

by - 2:10 AM

Today went visit RedStar . Famous one, if you have not heard of it, hear it from me(: Must try the Mango Puddings there, it's very yummy . Hoishi~ I and Er Jie shared 2 puddings together .. I wait for the queue up for so long and finally, in a hour's time, we can finally be seated down and can enjoy the food, without torturing myself, forcing to smell the great food and can't eat it . I eat very very slowly, who tell it to be so long, then, to be equal, I let the queue long lo . Anyway, it's only a table only . The Table 2(: Buahahahas!!

Da Jie drive wrong way .. took a long time to reach there .. I didn't eat anything since morning, and at that point of time, in the car, I was totally speechless . Too hungry to talk craps . Then, still have to wait for the so-long queue . What the hell~

Went back while DaJie went to a whatever concert, and ErJie and Mother went to help Er Jie buy clothes .. I don't wanna stay with them .. got homework to do and she choose her clothes damn long ..

Maths .. - Choose 1clothes per hour, half clothes per half an hour .. If she is buying 3 clothes, how many hours does you need to be with her in totol hour? Give you answer in hours form .

Craps .

Youtube shucks alot, and thanks to it, it removed Bleach and FMA . Now watching D.Greyman and Bleach in other website . Looked for it for a million years ..

DNT still not finish .. Watch and Do lo .. Tadas!!

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p/p/s Today is Jevithra's birthday(:

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