Tuesday, 13 May 2008

by - 5:57 AM

Lol, today went to school, but all teachers are on MC . Maybe because they marked my paper till wanna die .. Hahahs .. LOLS .. Then got back History .. 47/70 . I knew it's not a good marks to be proud of, at least a B3 worhs (:

Then after school, go with charmaine and Jeslyn to Hair Inn .. Charmaine wanna cut her hair .. Then went to Bugis with Alethea, Fiona and Jeslyn . Fiona wanna go and extent her hair again .

Then went home about going to reach 5.30pm like that lo .. Tadas .. So tired liao, going to watch Bleach liao .. Tadas!!

p/s i got sell those stickers that got your name on it and with a cartoon . Can stick on books and files derhs . Got Hello Kitty ones, anime like Naruto .. Barbie dolls, doramon, disney .. pooh and more more more(:

Selling hot hot hot hot hot worhs~ hahas (:

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