Tuesday, 20 May 2008

by - 5:54 AM

today's a bad day .. I don't even give a damn even if Charmaine is pangseh or not . I just wanna care about Anime and that's all . If you are a anime freak(: , then join my anime family(: Charmaine, as I said, you only into the what 'Dou Niu' wanna or not .. I prefer to eat beef the watching that show, althought I can see that the most see-able person there is only Hebe . Nice hair for her(:

Bleach watched like so slow, hurry up please the loading!!! Left 2mins liao, cannot do anything .. Going to check NF Skinnies liao .. tatas!!

Oh, as I was saying .. Bad day as Charmaine kept on nagging about pangseh her and Jeslyn the whole day, whenever I walked past them . Like, DUH! Jeslyn didn't even say anything and I'm NOT that close to you, why must you nagged at me like you know me for years . My mother nagged me for years liao and I still cannot stand it, go to school still like that ..

I'm not treating you as a fish that I don't wanna feed, I'm treating you as a human being . I didnt fang sheng you . Got it? tatas!

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