Wed, 14 May 2008

by - 6:34 AM

Hahas .. oopps! Sorry, can't update blog today, as I'm too busy with PSP and watching Bleach .. Then Janessa called too .. talked for SO long .. then finally can hang up .. No time to post liao ..

But, I'm very sad .. I failed my maths .. I did I failed!!!??! I need more 10 marks so that to pass .. Chinese, on the other hand, although not very happy with it, but at least I think I'm the third or fourth in the class .. Same as Brendon .. Try so long to beat him, in the end still tied up as him .. haiis!!! DNT is not bad as I thought I'll sure fail .. I got alot of blanks here and there .. Wow, and still I can pass .. 54/80 if I think I'm correct ..

That's all pips, g2g .. I downloaded alot of anime songs(: hahas .. Off to Bleach(:

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