Wed, 21 May 08

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This is the owner of this boring blog speaking here :

Sorry for those people who I owe them money, if you're one of them, then please sms me or better still, mail a letter to my hotmail . I'm glad to return you all the money, and so, please count the right amount and mail to me, once mail and once return the money or got the mail, I'll not care if you said I owe you much much more amount(:

I'm so sorry for borrowing and borrowing money from you all . I do only request that even if I got your mail, I'll still need some time to save up the amount and return to you . Morever, June holidays are coming and my mother will not be so kind to continuing giving me pocket money . So that means I'll have to save up by this week or return you all by July when school finally reopens .

p/s If you said you treat, that doesn't really counted as a part of 'lending money', right?(:

Lost And Found

Today was really is sort of boring but fun day .. History was so fun, Mr Tan was telling the story and the history war game was, you guess? It was like the game of dogs and bones . Last time, months back this year, beginning of the year, Mr Luke Tan got played this game with us before . Then I was in JAPAN(: ANIME~ Hahas .. Then we fight against lots of countries . Yi Lin was Yamashita .

Hitler was Alvis, and when Mr Tan said in the end Hitler died of killing himself, everybody all laughed at Alvis . USA and British was a strong one .. Hahas ..

In English class was not that boring . Mrs Hwee used the dictionary to explain what's the meaning an article to Delwyn .

Evil Charmaine[hahas] cut my grand piece of sudoku that I almost gone it the one of the hardest in my life time into small and tiny bits of pieces and threw it outside the class window .. * CRY*

Then Evil Charmaine hide my pencil box under a pile of unused and unwanted newspaper . She then lied to me that she passed it to Delwyn and she asked Delwyn to admit it . Of cause Delwyn did not have gone that as he was too busy playing PSP . Then when Charmine as him, he without thinking much said he hide my pencil case after much of Charmaine's 'Yes, you did hide it!!' .

Then went to YiLin HUGHUG's house to watch anime, she's a nut! She recorded and re-recorded and re-re-recorded and watched and rewatched and re-rewatched the whole ep again and again . The same parts only again and again . Then I looked at it again and again .

Then went Compass Point,[LRT so SLOW!!] and to SengKang CC to get the form to get money that thingy .. Then back home! LOLLS


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