Fri, 6 June 2008 - Yummy Food

by - 5:01 AM

Yummy Food

See people, can you see that? This is cooked by the pro chef named JINGWEN aka pro chef . Hahas .. See how nice it is .. I cooked it myself, okay, with a little help of my mother cause she said I dirty her kitchen . Hahas .. Then she said it's very nice . Yummy!! See, I ate finish my plate of mifen . By the way, I cooked two things . Mifen and Fried Noodles . Love my mifen . See my last picture, I ate it till it clean(: *Charmaine'll not be too happy?? Hahas .. Jkjk siol .
Do anyone read my blog? If no, I shall shut down and have my own personal blog that all of you don't know the URL . Oh, by the way I already got one . (: Hahas ..

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