Sun, 15 June 08

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Soccer Fever

Hey, anyone got watch yesterday the soccer Saudi Arabia VS Singapore ??

Wah, I'm like "GoGoGo, Singapore!! You can do it!! Come on, man!!!"

Then you know what?? In the end, this, of cause everyone knew the answer .. Singapore didn't win . Wah, damn what one . They never block the people, they don't have teamwork, what do they have? Then, I remember got this guy, everyone knew that he cannot score for sure, then he like act as if don't know, think he got Shaolin kungfu like that, kicked the ball and the ball like don't know fly till where ..

Another one, kicked the ball straight to the opponent and let the opponent scores a goal . What shyt are they training for anyway? Whatever ..

Shaolin Girl

Anyone watch the shaolin girl?? It's nice(: Don't ask me why I gone to see it before 19 June . It's 'cause I pay more to see the best(: It's very nice, but over all, it's like KungFu Panda like that .. Got Darkness and Light and bad guy and everything, but one thing is that, that girl is very chio(: Must go and watch it!! (:

Not really that bad after all . That time scared me, I thought why new show only got a few people watching only .. Chey, I thought I pay 10bucks just to watch a trailer . x.x So, total, not bad at all, and the fighting part was not bad after all . Like, I wonder why the girl's bone didn't crack . That time really scared me, you can hear the cracking sound .

There's one stalker in that movie too .. That one part where they keep thanking the cheif is so funny, so does the part when that fat guy keeps 'Tama' here and there . Oh, by the way, if you don't know what is 'Tama', it means egg in Japanese .

This movie is mix Chinese, Japanese and Canto . (:

Human's feelings

Sometimes I really hate going out to shop . Suddenly I understand why people hate shopping that much, but mostly guys . I thought, shopping cures illness, but that's a bad habit . Hahas .. You shops, you spent money . And I'm so broke now . Really, this is like the best thinking I ever get to, that's what my mother says . Really, shopping really is nice, but not for poor human like me . Really, I'm frank, I'm not rich and I'll not act rich . I already owe many friends money . But I guess if true friends, I think they will not mind, only those who acts like kind humans, or those who says 'Best Friends', but acted like sour lemon will do that . I really hated those type of human . What do they think they are? Big shots?

But if you wanna borrow money from me, and I say no . It does not mean that I hate you or not . I'm just being myself, to say no, to say I'm really a poor kid . At least I didn't acted like big shots who lent you money and says 'Tell me, I'm really that kind, right?' Shyt those non-human off my planet and run off with your shoes on, I don't wanna smell your smelly barefooted feets . What a arse hole are they .

* If you think you are hurt by my words, then I should tell you[this can be to any boy/girl] this post does not write for you, and for those who lent me money, I'm really thanks . You may think I wrote about you, but I shall say, I like to write anything what I want and this post is not for you . This post is for those who act kind . I don't think you act KIND, but if you think I'm not thankful of you lending me money and wrote shyt about, then you're totally wrongly about me .

Frankly, I'm late already . I'm suppose to go out and study with this dumb lame group of guys .. But who cares? I can finish my blog first . (:


Listen up shoppers!! If you wanna buy anything for your psp, here's a quick link for you that sell every cheap things for your wonderful psp .(: We are going to update on this shop too (:
I hereby charge this ADV for FOC, hahas, cause this is lame ..

Here's the wonderful link : .
But, you must F5 10times in my blog 1st(: Hahas (:

So, tatas!!

p/s Going out with CHERYL DEAREST on tues(:

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