Thurs, 12 June 08

by - 1:08 AM

Actually today I suppose to go out with Jeslyn and Fiona, but then in the end I didn't go . Jeslyn used Fiona's handphone to call me to say that they not watching movie already and Donovan they all didn't go and Jeslyn insisted to call that Marcus Tee and his stead . LOLS!! Then I lost track of things already . Hahas .. Nevermind ..

That old speaker of mine gave me lots of problems .. Keep hearing no sound!! Then in the end 3.30pm plus then I can manage to fix it .

D.Greyman ep15 cannot see, make me load it for hours still cannot see . Damn it!!

Then went to download songs . Who knows that 'Xi Huan Ni' song, who got that full version?? I only got the ringtone only, I wanna the full version . ):

Wah, today I dreamed of S'pore being invaded by don't know what country, then we all fled to don't know where .. Then I need to go to the airport, I go steal a van by the invaders and drive to the airport . You know what's next .. I used the leftover guns and everything to fight against the invaders and go to take the last plane that is going to Japan . Hahas .. Wow, that's great!! I mean I can go Japan, but that's so dangerous, good thing S'pore does not have such a thing like that . Or I'll be doomed .. Hahas .. I don't wanna get kill so fast, I still wanna be Kira . (: Hahas ..


p/s school reopening soon, I still got homework have not done yet .. well, as least you all are same as me(: don't come and copy my homework, okahys? hahas (:

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