Thurs, 19 June 08

by - 12:01 AM

Joke Of The Day

Wow, I'm the luckiest girl on earth . Yesterday went out with Brendon to Hougang Mall and almost got my hand missing . Maybe 'cause gods are angry that I lied to my mother that I only went Compass Point . *I swear I never lied again . I thought I can never see my hand again . But it was so funny . I almost lost my hand in the MRT . -.-

*For this and next week(:

Swear that it was damn so fr3aking funny . Damn the train . I saw the train there and Brendon rushed in -.- PSK . Then I said loudy: " Aiya, slowly la! " Then I half walked, half run to the train . Bloody hell to that fr3aking train . It was closing and I don't wanna be cut by the train into half, so I run . But still I cannot get in ): Should have used my 'JACKIE CHAN' kungfu to get in . Then I thought the train's door will open again if I bang the inner door . (outer door not closed yet) Then I banged it again and again and that dumb ass was inside there, laughing .

Then behind him was this two ladies who really don't care about pubic, they just laughed and laughed -.- And mind you, they laughted LOUDLY . Then the outer door closed . And my hand was still there . -.- The outer door touched my hand and I tio shocked -.- Then I hurried pulled my hand out . Then I saw them, all three of them and the rest of the people inside the train . 3 of them were laughing like mad, the rest of the people inside the train was like sraring at me with a werid look on their faces . It was like they are saying ' What in the world is this siao gina doing?!'

I saw the dumb three laughing then I also laughed (: -.- Then the bloody train was gone -.- I laughed like nuts in the Hougang Station like siao . I turned around and I saw this Indian aunti, holding her son and stared at me with POP EYES . HAHAH!!! Damn funny!!! -.-

Then that dumb ass called me -.- And he like laughing like mad -.- Then he keep on saying that 2 ladies laughed like siao charrbo . LOLLLS!!

I took a lonely train back to Compass and saw that dumb ass -.- He told me that he was siting down at the chair in the MRT there at CompassPoint waiting for me, then he was laughing and a malay guy looked at him in a weird way like how those people in the train looked at me, HAHAHAS!!! ><<><><><@@@#@%^#^ !!! DAMN FUNNY!!!#!#!#!

But, I'm glad to still have my hand conected to me still(: Hahas .. If not ...

( btw, that's a mash potato pic(: )

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