Tues, 10 Jun 08 IV

by - 1:14 AM

When to watch Kung Fu Panda the day before, with Joey, Marcus, Brendon, Donovan, Chin Yong, Aloy, Sora . That panda really look like Brendon, hahas ..

Then Joey saw the 'You are the one' that 2 ladies . One is the very chio twin, that meimei . I think the meimei is more chio than jiejie, but then she still out): The another one is the F7 . Then Joey and me went to follow them around . I think they know we follow them, or if not why they walked around that level two times .. Then they went into Crystal Jade, they very rich horh, went in there as dinner . Siao, I wanna go in, but in this life, maybe next time . haiis!

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