Tues, 10 Jun 08

by - 12:22 AM

Hellos, those are lame drawing I anyhow draw . Im so bored at home .. some are the art exams derhs .. Im like wanna die at home . Ask people out then they all don't wanna go . Some wanna play maple, some wanna do this do that .. and I'm stuck at home doing maths homework my sister gave to me . 3rd week of school holiday . 1 more week then school reopen, why dont you all wanna get a life and go out before school reopen? Then say what wanna go out when school reopens . What in the world you humans thinking?? Whatever ..

I'm bored ..

By the way, I create a new blog . Hahas .. It's all about .. don't tell you .. :P . You wanna read then go find it yourself . The URL got what .. mylife .. mystory .. my blog or something like that de la .. And I so long never online already .. Almost a month didn't watch Bleach or any animes in computer liao le ..

Yup, by the way, anime freaks, art central got this new anime called what .. Samura Deeper Demon Eye Kyo or whatever the name is called .. So-so la .. I prefer D.Greyman .. (: This new show sounds like naruto like that de .. Got a guy named sasuke also .. hahas

more pics coming up too(: sry~ hahas ..

p/s dearest, dont sad horh!!!

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