Tues, 17 June 2008

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I don't really take cars for fun, and this is NOT a hit and run . This is just what I saw just an hour ago outside Rivervale Plaza . The guy took a gun out and shoot at a bird -.- Don't ask me why, I don't know . Well, maybe that bird make too much noise . Or is a dangerous bird that can bite your hate off (: But it happened too fast, so I didn't took how that guy shooted the bird or how that bird fell down .

* This is a real post, not a post to hurt people's feelings, I did not anyhow took a pic of a car and write a story . And it's really a bird, I did NOT called any HUMAN a bird . If anyone think I'm faking it, think again . I just said, I didn't called any human a bird, unless you said you're a bird . So, I'm just saying before I'm being accuse as calling anyone human as a bird(: Got it?

Just a bored day again .. ..

Okay, this is really for a person, a human . I write this, hoping it's not read as 'RUDE' to anyone or to him/her . Okay, firstly .. I'm NOT saying you as big shot or soul lemon or whatever . If you think I'm writing to you, then a BIG sorry, I'm NOT writing about you or your friends or my friends . If you think that I have any problems with you, I tell you, then problem that is very big is that I still owe you money which, you think, if you lend me money so kind then why should I suddenly wanna say about you ?? Really you should think .. Oh, no offence!! I'm NOT saying you did not think . But you really know that I DO(take note: present tense) treat you as friend . Why do you have to think I'm talking about you?? Like, why suddenly angry about me?

I post about me hating people who act as if they know kungfu, but they don't even know . Then I don't mean I'm writing about you, right? But if you think that way I don't really blame you . I really DIDN'T put any human's names there .. So, all my friends who read about this post can all think I'm talking about them .

Fine, that I can say it's my fault to make alot of people hurt . But, nobody do read my blog anyway, right? I'm NOT famous for my blogging -.-

Okay, fine .. Think whatever you want, this sentence is not rude, but true . Think whatever you want, cause it's your mind, not mine . I cannot force you to think whatever I wanna you to think, cause you are just being yourself .

Last thing you should know, I still treat you as best friend, cause you're really one of all my friends who really nice to me . And of cause I did not called you sour lemon or big shots -.-

*And I read your post, I'm like not a 'so called ahlian' -.- And I did not go a bigbigbigbig round to shoot you . I know that if I like that write, you can also say you not talking about me too, but I know .. Or maybe I don't know ..

Music Freaks -.-

I'm looking for a japanese song, that Shaolin Girl's theme song, anyone got must tell me the tittle, thanks!

That song is really nice, if anyone hear it before should know(:

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