Wed, 11 June 2008

by - 1:06 AM

Okahys, since you wrote about me in your blog, dearest, so I'm very kind to write yours in my blog too(: Hahas ..
Dearest, must be happy worhs~
Nothing to do now ..
erm .. watching D.Greyman now, found that it is better than Bleach .. Bleach is getting more and more boring .. Somemore I'm still stuck in ep 48, when will I ever reach 100?!?!

Then Jacqueline, Rachel and Ruwaidah said wanna go out today, but then last min don't wanna go, beat me too .. ??? So, I'm very bored right now and my english homework given by Mrs Hwee still have not done a single bit .. a little bit only .. a few qns .. any kind souls can let me copy the points for summary?? Got 3 summary and each one got 24 points, like siao lorh . Somemore the passage shuck like shyt lo, hate to read those not like fairytales or Harry Potter type ones ..

Trying my best to finish it, but I'm too lazy to do so .. hahas ..

I'm so bored at home, anyone wanna go out must jio me too, okhays?? Hahas (:


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