by - 6:24 AM

Went to the Cosplay at DownTown last sat and saw D.Grayman there too(:
Got this super cute LAVI's number and shocked when YiLin NuEr showed me his real pic look like what x.x abit of fats liao le la . Better than that POW, right JESLYN? (:
Saw L like totally kawaii lo(:
See one of the pics that what Lavi did to L . HAHAS!!!! ><
L got this post very cute, but i think i didnt shot it down T_(T)
Allen is like so cute too!!!
And I saw INUYASHA there too(: A little shy boy posed as INUYASHA, so CUTE CUTE!!!!
I yelled at every LAVI I see(: HAHAS .. and Kanda and Allen too(:
YiLin was like : ' Where's Zero??!?!?! Where's MY ZERO!!!?!?!?' HAHAHA(: That's cute(:
More to write, but will update more .
* I saw Prince the Riper at DownTown there too(: He was like so cute lo(: X>X>X>X>X
** I'm like so HAPPY that I got LAVI's number(: and NUER, you'll going to have a papa liao><>< ><>

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