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Hahas .. YOYOYOSS!!!
I brought Sakura last Sat and watch till ep 15 liao . Got 35 ep . Going to watch it VERY VERY SLOW now so that I'll not finish it so fast and get so bored . (:
Today after school, went to Suntec City with Winona Tako, YiLin NuEr and Joey GongZhu . HAHAS .. >< >< ><
We went to the selling cosplay thingys shop and I try on this Hell Girl de cos, it suit me worhs~ HAHAS z.z x.x !!
Then Winona and Joey also try .
YiLin went to try the VK cos . Not bad . But her **** too ***, tmake like the shirt so *** . HAHAHAS ...
Then went home like so late le .
Lavi told me to try cosplay as Lenalee, so I was thinking so trying it .. HAHAHAS .. But 1st, I got to cut my hair like hers . HAHAHS TT Have to cut my hair again TT . Now my hair cant cosplay as anyone lo .
Okhays, finally know somewhere can watch DGM le . But the sub is in chinese . Who cares? I understand can liao . Wah, don't think that chinese is like so hard, it's a piece of cake to me . U wanna piece of cake~~~ LALALA~~~ HAHAHAS ..
So damn high noW~~~!!!
Sadly I cannot use comp tmr )): sucker!!!
Nbm (: At least I got update, right?? HAHAS ..
rmb to tag horh(:
*smiles lot and tatas~~~~

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