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I must thank my mum, cause when im like damn sick, and i mean real sick, not that kind of sick which all types of men get when they reach a point of age . She took care me lots . And scolded me lots .. T_T

Ok, if you are kindly care about my illness, I really don't mind to chat with you awhile in phone . Call me or shut you . LOLS . Sounds sucky TT Then I should tell you . HAHAS ...

Ok, my fever, my flu and cold are almost gone by now . But my kidneys still hurts . Don't ask me why they hurt . I don't know . I think I broke their hearts .. z.z Then if not I really don't know .

Ok, next next must thank my gan NuEr, she has been sms-ing and calling me this few days to chat with me about anime and to kill boredom . And she did kindly asked me how's my health(: Ohh, im so touchhh(: LOLS .. x.x

Oh! Time's up, g2g . Eating and watching anime time . Before my mum get back!! She just hate it whenever I use computer . TT No fate with Computers x.x

Wunana!! (im use using tata too)

p/s copycopyrighteddd :DD

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