by - 3:02 AM

I'm at YiLin's house right now, going home soon le ...
LOL ..

Today common test was so damn freaking easy lo . I thought I'm going to die cause I did not remember the what shyt base area all that, but heng heng, Mr I-forgot-his-surname-is is the setter and he got give us hints . I really wish I can get full marks(: Hope only, somemore my maths like so lan lo .

Wah, today we still in camping mood sia . Vidya keep on singing the makan cheer and we keep on oii here oii there ..

Joey asked me if she can put something on my blogshop for her to sell, I really don't know, I just said 'see 1st lo' . She wanna me sell the what elmo and those stuff toys who she buy at the price of $3, I think . To more ex and she wanna put the and earn money . $_$ z.z.z.z

Ok barhs, I write till here le, YiLin wanna watch Anime le, if not she kill me sia~~~LOLS .. (:

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