Rambling about nonsense

by - 8:03 AM

SIGH. Tried getting into Jigoku Tsushin, Hotline To Hell, but I think it was fake...? Only say... 'the site is not found' or some other crap. Could it be because I signed in at 12.01...? ARGHHH, DARN IT. I wanna try it out on someone, mwa haha.

The Prince signing in again... Jing Wen can't come online because she can't use the com again, hahaha... sigh. Saturday is coming and it's the most busiest day of the week for me!! Plus, got cosplay on that day too... With my tuition centre so close to the place, I think everytime I see a cosplayer, I will cry =( . WHYYYY

So tired... Wake up so early everyday to go to school, and sleep so late at night. Aiyah~ I think before school ends I will be a walking zombie. The only good thing to look forward to tomorrow is eating Takoyaki~~ YAY. I am a happy Prince. For now.

=,(((( Mom won't let me go Japanese classsssss. Whyyyyyyy. It clashes with the other class, she says. I have maths tuition from 9 to 10.30 in morning, than sci is 1 to 3 later... Some more the Jap class is at 10.45 to 11.45. So far from house also... So unluckyyy.

YAWN. Good night...

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