Thurs, 10 Jul 08

by - 5:52 AM

HAhas .. That time went to cosplay, Winona spayed my hair red .. Light's hair is not red, nbm .. look at least okhays la .. I got take pic, my head really look like mushroom head lo .. ><

Oh, and Lavi said I can go cosplay as Lenalee . HAHAS .. that means, if I really cosplay as her, then I've to cut my hair shorter . ><


Today didn't go to school, as I kena fever and coldzzz . Damn sickening!! Good thing, school got check up and I didn't go(: HAHA .. I told JAC that if the doc is DONOVAN, pupils'll kena rape, LOLS . No offen!! HAHA ..

Wah, is like got a few people like so care about me lo . At least got people care lo(:

YiLin sms-ed and called me . JAC msn-ed me(: and more(: ...

>< >< I hate fall sick lo .

I tell you what . I tomorrow sure die . Kena pull out by DM de . Cause they don't wanna write me a letter . T_T

No letter = Dentention T_TT_T
haiis .. x.x

die die die .. okhays, left a few mins, I shall go and msn people and watch DGM(: HAHAS!!

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