Thurs, 3 Jul 2008

by - 6:15 PM

LOLS ...

Many peple asked me to update my blog post .. thanks lot. okay, updated!!! Hahas.. Sry for MIAA for so long .. Cannot use home de computer .. I damn angry!! My jie lost her admin password so she went to reformated the computer . Make all my pics and songs all gone le!!! I damn angry de lo!!!

Then now im in IT class . This time is learning flash which I learn this twice already . Why must I learn this again?? LOLS ..

Wah, yesterday fall down outside school field . Hate it !! The school such do something about the drains . This is not the first time I fall down in this bloodly sch .. This sch is like so lan de lo .

YiLin asked me to watch what honey x honey ... LOLS ..

Oh yup, back to the leg, my knee hurts like shyt lo . Suckers!!! This arse hole school . What are they thinking? Killing their own pupils??!!??

Oh, I'm so in love with Superband de tuzi .. They are like so cute!!! Hahas .. haiis .. The YiXuanFeng out le, that guy like so out of tune lo .. sing the JJ song 'Jiu Shi Wo' All the way not in tune .. Im like so sad lo . I thought he can sing .. T_T He thought out of tune is his ' FengGe', but his totally wrong . EW!! Make me support him T_T Then you see that 'Ying', this band like so erxin lo . Throw the yinghua to people . Like people wanna take you dumb flower .. Then my sister keep on saying 'Zai Erxin duo yi dian' Hahas .. So funny, I wasnt listening to their song, I was laughing all the way . Why does Brendon support this shyt for what? That male lead is like so act cute lo . So does the other two of them . Ying The Act Cute!!! HAHAHAS!!! >< >< ><

This coming sat or sun Im going to cosplay with Winona, she wanna me to lend her Misa's Death Note book . If .. I remember .. Hahas (:

Okay, I'm like so totally hate the new school rules . No handphone outside canteen, no this no that... like ewewew!!! >< >< ><

Okay, this class is totally maddness about anime .. So I'm signing off to watch anime liao (:


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