by - 12:21 AM

Wah, got a bad nightmare TTTT

Dream-edd about my percussion stick was sat on by a fat arse!!! JKJK!!

Why did I even dream of that?!?!

What I dream of was ten times worse than what you think I dreamed ): !!!

KeeKiat went and craved JACQUELINE's name at my drum sticks .



I warned you didn't I ?? Not to READ IT !!!!!

Then I angry and I bring, what?!?, a penknife to school . Then I remember, WHAT!?!, I forced him to give me $15 for my drumsticks .. I think is $15 .. $7.50+$7.50= ?? anyone??

Then he said next day, but I insisted . In the end I thought I did killed him, but no I didn't . He called .. his parents?? To fetch him $15 to return me and I let the matter rest . Dumb dream x.x

Why he need the drumsticks for, I don't know and I think is for, what!?, homeecon?? What for?? I don't know . Then in the end, make me woke up at 8.30 or early .

Hey, don't close the window yet . Cause my dream did not end here .. I dreamed that I got, what?!, split personailty?? EW!! From Fann Wong nevermind, from EW? NEVER!!

Then I like don't what I dream about, freak out and sit up and start to pray that my dream is not coming real . Cause if it's, then I'll freak myself in to out -.-!!!

That's a damn sickening dream . Why did I even dream of it?? x.x and Jacqueline's name on my sticks? LOLX >< >< !!!

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