by - 12:47 AM

Wah, Im so scared leh .. Haiis .. People just don't know what is spamming = to . Spamming, once again, is = to cyber bullying . Good thing I don't spam people le and I'm good good(:

Yesterday went to YiLin's house again with, this time Winona . I took videos on Winona playing piano . Wanna watch? Try searching it in youtube with my user name .

Yeah! I just love cosplay, any problem? LOLS !! I joined SG clubb le(: At least I'm IN in something like this is so fun then spamming people . Oh, yup I don't even care too much about that ..

This song is super nice(:

Went to learn Jap class today .. Ha, after tat went to buy dgm necklace .

One thing I'm super angry about was that .. nevermind, but just one pharse, ' Do not try to con a conman.'

No, I'm not really a conman, but I know that if one person is trying to con me, I can feel it and I'm not so dumb to be con by a person . Ha! I'm like so clever(: Okay, great, and who is this Joey Wong? LOLS .. >< I don't even know this girl/les/boy/gay . No insult, Joey can be a guy too(:

Whatever .. off to my dgm, at least I'm proud of being a member of SGClub(:


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