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Went back from Camelot Camp and I must said I enjoyed it alot . I love the zig-line the best and that rope also . I really sad as I can't try the rope climbling ): I thought if I try, I wanna try to at least almost reach the top . From the p5 camp, YeeHui like damn good at that lo. She can even climbed higher than that lo . She's a pro .

Wokays, I thought I lost my sister's sleeping bag's cover . Heng I found it or I really cannot return home .

There are some funny and LOLs things happened too ..

Before the flying fox, I was like telling the instructor that I'm like waiting to die like that, cause I was the last one .. Hahas .. Then he let me 1st .. (: Thank goddness!! Then, I was like, keep on talking and mostly the sentences got 'die', then the person like so funny lo .. Then I told him my leg numb in chinese, then he insisted that I was saying my leg is blue and told me that is my shoes is blue, not my leg == . LOLS!!

Then when I fly down, I was like so fun!! I yelled 'ahhhhh!!' After that I kept yelling ' LAVI, LAVI ILY!!!' x.x It's lame, but LOL .. HAHAS!!

Then Instuctor Don helped me to take off the safety thingys and this was like so funny, I just don't know how to say, so if you really wanna know then come ask me . (:

Then after camp, we , total of 12 people went to Compass, KFC to eat . Make alot of noise too .. There were Me, Jeslyn, Charmaine, YiLin, Donovan, Alvis, Adri, Marcus, Chin Yong, ZhiFeng, Viyda, Rachel and it was so funny . We at 1st wanna do the makan cheer, in the end we did not . So xia shui == LOLS ..


G2g to anime liao(: Tada!!

My bag is like wanna bomb S'pore like that .. No la .. JK only .. good thing my da jie bring me to sch, if not people will thought I'm a bomber ): bomber man(:

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