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Im at YiLin's house right now!!
So damn siannzz ..
Hahas .. she is like so damn busy about her Lenalee cosplay .

Called Pan-In-The-Box .
That guy said if we want Lenalee by next two weeks, cannot make it as he's going to Jap tomorrow . Wah, so good lo!! JAP!!!

Wah, Winona draw a pic for me at the rape my, hahas ..

Prince is BAD!!
You never called me T_T

Ok, next week going to camp le .. I'll try if I can bring handphone to camp without letting the teachers know . Wah, got check bag somemore !! Must hide it save!! Then will upload some pics up if I can go and take my phone and earpiece and charger .. Got plug there to charge?? I hope so, or I'll cry!! I really at night can't sleep without my music and that time Jeslyn make my earpiece spoilt then I have to use my mum's . She only let me use at night . In the day, she herself also need, so I guess I can't sleep for that three whole nights . I guess that will be .. Haiis ..

Time to go and do some serious work!! Going to do my 'something' important!! Of cause you're correct, it's sometime to do with anime and cosplay .

But before I leave, I must tell you something .. today I showed Cedric a M18 comic and those stuffs . He said please don't show him, in his mind he sure enjoyed it . As even he said that, he was staring at the pics .. Hahas ..

That dirty-minded man .. Hah! I remember, MrCon used to call Dominique 'Dirty Old Man' . Hahas .. and I guess he's right . Guys are so .. I mean those typical boys, who locked themselves up in their room for ages . You can start to go wild, but you may not taste the work of my fist!! BOYS!! HA!! x.x x.x too crapy ~~~

p/s YiLin are you reading it now?? Reply REply!!

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