Another Beginning(:

by - 12:38 AM

Well, I kinda returning back to my own blog, which I change the link(:
I kinda prefer to have my old blog back as it gives me the ideas and secure to blog and to write anything without running out of ideas or feeling so bored about blogging .

Well, I decided that I should blog no more craps about my boring life, unless I felt it's important or just happy with what I get .

Went and read XiaXue's blog just not long ago. Her blog is like .. full of pics . I don't really like blogs full of pics, but I do hate when you blog a whole lot of crappy things about you and your boring life. That's what I feel what that.

I'm now changing my blog to be a lot more like .. well, let's say, no to craps and more complains about anything, in which if you find yourself sensitive to any hurting words or haunted by old memories about anything I mention in my blog, I can tell you, you can just stop reading it and go fly kites. Really, if you're those type of people who thinks every bad things I wrote about is talking about you, then you should not be here. Mostly I'll wrote about a group or unless I write about people puking in the taxi and you may think that is you, but like hello?!? There are a thousand people who puke inside a cab and if you are those type, shoo away from here, as I don't wanna anyone to come and find me problems(:

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