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To all cosplayers(: Hope it helps!!

I got this idea from Raywing ah pa~ at Singaporeanimenews forum
Yukina been following this guildlines for years....i think for the newer generation cosplayers must know this......

From Ridlah's post (from Singaporeanimenews forum)

-are to keep the area clean at all time
-do not use the toilet to wash your dyed hair; keep the toilet as dry as you can (so don't dry your wet hands by shaking it onto the floor)
-don't use any vulgarity
-no smoking while in costumes, even if it's somewhere away from the event area.

Basically, I follow the following rules when in whatever costumes:

Patience, young Jedi...
When in the vicinity of children, even when taking a break, try not to smoke. This can "cheapen" the fans experience.

The Green Room.
If you've been invited to a convention/event, chances are your hosts will provide a room with drinks, snacks, etc.. Be sure to take a moment to relax and enjoy yourselves, but not at the expense of your event.

Watch your language.
Also when around small children please do not curse. We'd hate to turn off a new generation of fans, or their parents.

Gimmie money!
If you do decide to take pictures with children or sign their photos, it's only right to NOT accept money from them or their parents. Going to conventions in costume should be another perk for the other fans there, not a money making attraction for you.

There are sometimes exceptions to this suggestion, like raising money to give to charity, as many of the events 501st Stormtrooper Legion participates in.

Make time for pictures.
Please don't refuse photos. Even if you're enroute somewhere, take the time to pose for the cameras. You'll give someone a memory they can cherish for years to come.

Don't scare the children.
Small children may or may not have seen SW. Those who haven't will not recognize you or your costume. If you wear a mask and a child is starting to shy away or cry, remove your mask to show them there is really a person underneath.

On the same note, don't intentionally scare children. Kids can be a lot of fun at conventions if you let them.

Be Prepared...
Generally speaking, most people are very nice and pleasant to deal with. There are also people you'd rather avoid if you can help it. Small children (and their parents) sometimes see costumers as targets and they will sometimes try to have fun at your expense, especially if they've been drinking.

Take things in stride, but don't be a pushover. Avoiding a confrontation is the best way to handle one. If you have a designated "floater" (a person who isn't in costume that helps your group), have them look around for potential problems.

From Keokepa's post

-always smile when you're not in-char mode

-always thank the photographers for taking your picture. (think of it as they are doing you a favour by giving you the attention you crave)

-children. doesn't hurt to switch out of char mode(especially if you're doing some scrowling/act cool char) and play around with them. they might worship you for that.

-if some other cosplayer needs help and you see where the problem is don't be shy and go up and offer your help. it pays to makes some friends. you never know when you'll need them

-when someone is taking your photo. they are your god. be nice to them. else risk seeing your pic vandalized or posted on some 'slut/gay cosplayer in need for cash' forum kinda crap. if not so serious... what you'll get is blurry pictures or some not so flattering comments abt your costume.

-smile at the parents who are scrowling at you and say hi. it either terrifies them to itty bitty pieces or they will have a good impression of us cosplayers and viola.. future of cosplay is secured. sounds easy but tough.

remember. we're still considered weirdos in the world today. we are ambassadors of cosplay in singapore so practice your PR skills ppl, it helps make the world accept us faster.

From Kazuyuki's etiquette given by akane
- Photographers, please respect basic courtesy and ask before taking any photos of any cosplayer.
- All event-goers, please remember that the lack of civilized human-like behavior will not be tolerated. We do not/will not hesitate to call up the police on anyone charged with harassment, indecency etc. There *is* a limit to the amount of fan service one can do at a public event, on or off stage.
- Please obtain a media pass from the organizers prior to the event if any group is planning on doing any media coverage.
- Please do not litter. Remember, Singapore is a FINE city. Pity those who have to clean up after you.
- Basically, behave appropriately so that everybody can enjoy the event.

By Naoko(:

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