by - 11:13 PM

Flora, I'm not those who can in a few days get $100 or so de person . If I don't wanna return, I can just say it right? But I thought I told Fiona that I'm saving it . You think I 1 day got $50 then in 2-3days can return le meh? It's not I don't wanna return, is I trying to save and you just keep on saying I don't wanna return . What is the reason that you think I don't wanna return? I wanna spoilt my own repu meh? And even thought I love cosplying that much, I didn't even spent it on that, I save and save just not to spent and to hurry and wanna return leh . If I don't wanna return at the 1st place, what for I save money for what? I can just spent it all away right? You're just not thinking if you're in my place, what'll you do . Of cause, anyone can say, return money leh . If I can afford returning the money so fast, just in few days time, then that means I don't even need to borrow at all, cause there would be a need of it at all .

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