Poem - On Display

by - 1:37 AM

On Display
by Kristen Perkins

A room of two-way mirrors is my fate,
with strangers looking at me,
dissecting my body and mind
with their cold eyes
and even colder words.
Forced to deal with their cynical
views of those that surround me.
They entrap me in their webs of self- consciousness.

But -
despite the empty stares,
and demeaningly harsh words,
I untangle myself from their webs of destroyed dreams.
Then, I break the two-way mirrors
they watch my every move with.
I did not receive a spider bite,
or a cut from the broken glass.
Instead, I find myself in a world of refugees,
like me.

They, too, escaped their dooms.
Together we work at rebuilding
ourselves into the people we once were;
the people we admired before.

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