Sat, 2 Aug 08

by - 11:35 PM

I'm so bored .. My blog become a blog for spammers . Well, I think I've no other choice to choose already ..

And to Flora, well, I did remember I told Fiona on MSN, (do you need the history?) I got and is trying my best to save to return her . I'm not a rich girl who everytime go out my mum will give me $100 to spent . Try putting yourself in my shoe . If I can do that I can tell my mum that I'm going out and took the money and return to Fiona . Everytime I go out, the money I used is my own pocket money, so I like so long never go out and buy things already .

Is not that I'm trying not to return, but saving money also need time, right? Then, I'm under F.A too, not that I'm using that as an excuse not to return, but maybe you should give me more time . I can don't buy things, but I still need to eat . I just hope you understand, that's all .

Back to spammers .. I said already, if you don't get lost or just show your ugly face out, you'll know . I had enough of your insults and lol-ness .

Oh.. Yesterday went Compass with Winona . She cut-edd my hair and ended up like ... you know .. I miss my hair very much ):

One side long, one side short . Then no choice, we went to Hougang Mall there to re-cut my hair, and I lost my $8 !!! ): And that lady who cut my hair, cut till damn short lo, so now my hair is shorter than lenalee's and looked like a guy right now)': Damn sad and well, of cause I did not cry cause I had this situation before, letting my other friends to cut my hair too, but this is worst x.x One long, one short .. I cursed and sweared ... x.x Oh well~~


p/s must be home b4 night worhs, I don't wanna follow home by something else~~ LOLS ..

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