Smelly Taxi

by - 12:49 AM

I'm so hate the smell of taxis. I really hate those taxis with those freaking, horrible smell, do you? Well, when out with some friend you may not know and caught a cab home. The cab was alright this time, but still.. I just don't know why I feel like puking.

That happened.. was it yesterday or what? I thought I'm going to die. At least that taxi uncle was not bad, not like some who are so 'dao'.

At least I can reach home in one piece. But was not that lucky, today not feeling that well, so at home. I'm like so bored at home, but so far I'm still alive and kicking. I just cannot understand why taxis have that kind of smell.

We as Taxi Driver washed our car everyday. But at night, those people who went to pub, drank and puke and make the car stinks. We take turns to use the car, so unlucky, if the uncle before did not wash the car and the car stinks, the smell will be like so bad that even we can't even drive properly.

Now, one thing that I can understand, was not to be a taxi driver when you grow up, even if you're poor. I rather work in 7-11 at night then driving a smelly taxi, right?(:

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