Urine Sucks!

by - 4:59 AM

I just really can't stand why people want to pee in the lift, not the toilet. Really, even you are that lazy, at least carry a sleeping bag with you as you pee-edd in it. I really cannot stand those yellowish urine in the lift and it stinks like hell too. Boy, I bet those nuts must really do have some breathing problems. My mum just told me that this was the urine from yesterday. Oh! From the f*ucking state, even if you are that wanna-pee-edd situation, force it till you're home. I don't care if your bladder blusted or whatever, at least got the pride as you don't take off your pants and pee there, right?
Now, for some dog-owners .. It's time to tell you, if you don't wanna your little puppy's urine to be shown in internet, then jolly well bring a bucket with you at all times when you're walking with your innocent puppy. Cause, unless you want your puppy's urine to be famous, if not DRINK EVERY DROPS OF THE URINE IT PEES!!! NB !!

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