by - 11:57 PM

Wah, I damn pissed off by Brendon. Keep borrowing money from me right now. $25, can go and die la .. !!

Oh! yupyup, yesterday went to Compass and slacked with Jeslyn. Wah, you know the 25Hours shop was still renovating half way and the doors suddenly dropped. The door almost hit Jeslyn, good thing that time we wanna go already and I pulled her away. Got a woman kena hit by the door on the head, but was alright. That was a close one.

Do you know what I really hate the most is those type of person who promise to treat me eat things and my friend then last min so no money, then you don't need to come all the way down here la, just go home. Make us wait for so long, and hungry and dua us till like that. Yesterday was super hungry.

If you think you know me well, I really don't think so. Cause I'm those type of person that if you pissed me off and make me joke I can forgive you only for a min. Wanna me to forgive a person, the thing that is that answer and solution to all is- FOOD!! and not those yuckky food you think you just go buy some shyt and make me eat till 'laosai' and I can forgive, nah, I'm not.

Buy me some yummy food, those can eat till you full or those that are like ice-cream and stuffs or sushi(: I don't know shyt stuffs :D

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