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Wah, I'm so rush of time now. Today is the last day, i mean last lesson for my Jap class stage1. I felt like the time is like rushing damn fast sia. Here's some pics I upload as my handphone no space already.

Yesterday I went to Haru to collect my Lenalee V3 cosplay clothes and try some outfits too. Jeslyn, Ruwaidah, YiLin, Winona and Joey was there. Winona went there to collect her Komui V2 too. Jeslyn went to try on Lolita and Gothic and now she have no idea she shall buy which one. Hahas. Yesterday was like so fun, but my Lenalee too big le, Ice Princess asked her supplier to re-make one for me :D Lucky me~

Going off to Matsuri now and meeting Ruwaidah too (: Will take alot of pics for you all to see. :D
Oh, that's Brendon's backview taken by Jeslyn long time ago in Compass Point. His bag there was tied with a small bag contain eaten chicken wing by Jeslyn who eat it and tied it there. It was like so funny. He didn't even found out even when we are laughing so loudly and he kept swinging his bag then he found out. He was like so damn dumb. Kena owedd look on his buang face.

By the way, who's osama in my tagboard? This is like so lame ==

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