Wed, 20 Aug 2008

by - 6:10 AM

I'm really doomed!! I'm like, did not finish my maths common test in time and I lost about 5marks gone!! I'm so sad!! I know how to do that dumb question, but it's just don't have enough time. If can, I wanna request to the school to ask them to extent the time for MATHS common test. I think I'll only get a C, just pass, that's all.

HomeEcon is another one!! At least I was able to study last min. (: That is the lucky thing and the test was not really that hard as I thought it would be. Good! Just hoping to get a higher marks for it.

Science SPA, it was totally a failure to add on to it. I was like doing all the wrong thing and I asked that Ms Anne Lim, is that solution B I must use, and she said yes, which I found out is not!! I really hate it. If I can re-do this dumb thing again, I'll do really much better than this afternoon, which was like to me, the most unlucky day in the world!! Then the position for Phyi, I was like, huh? Must do like this meh? And I totally forgotton how to read the thingy, and I can't even spelled the name!! I hate this sucky tetst!!! AAHHH!!!

After that, I went to Choir and saw the new instuctor. He was much more 'appealing' than Mr Quek. But I got that feeling I much prefer to have Quek than him. Our teacher-in-charge said he's not bad looking, hais, if I know he's normal looking only, not have standard of shuai-ness, I'll not come to today's choir, but I did come(:

Then went to slack with Jeslyn, Fiona and Vidya while Ruwaidah and Charmaine went home early. We slacked about awhile and Vidya went home at 'round 5.22PM while we continued to slack to 'round 6.16PM PLUS before we walked ourselves home.

P/S Why do people love backstabbing so much? I think those people should keep a distance away from us, human(:


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