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Day1 and Day2 Matsuri; i have been there. Day1 is Lolita, J*Rockk, Punk and Gothic Lolita. I saw alot of dollfies. Some are like damn shuai to me. I wanna to buy one too, but it's too ex for me. If I'm rich I'll buy and of cause buy alot of cosplay cos too . It was so fun.
The best thing was that I get to talk to Lavi face to face. He asked me if I am JingWen, then I said uh huh . Then I was like stunted as I thought he never even seen me before. Then he said because there's only 2 lenalee version 3 at this year summer matsuri. One is in his group, so another one, which is me, so of cause is me lo. I was like 'chey!' I thought how he know I am me.. lols. I don't know what am I talking about... ARRHHH!!!!! ><
Then went to Long John and eat with Ruwaidah, Jacqueline and Brendon while Winona, YiLin and Joey went home together. Damn, curse Alvis and Donovan, keep saying me, good thing I am not with them, only for 15mins or so, cause I can't really stand them. They make my life sucks yesterday.
Many people wanna take pics with Winona, komui, and onii-san :D I was walking with her, then half way she was gone. Someone asked her for photo taking. Wah, so many people wanna take pics of her. Nevermind, got some people went to take photos of me too :D But most of the time, me and Winona was taken the photos together.
Uploading our pics in the next post. This is great! I saw many of my cosplay's friend too. My taicho, Rabit went and find me too.
My Lenalee Version 3 sucks, Haru made too big for me. I should have brought it online. Next time, no more buying from shops. All online :D
Oh, yar... On my way to Kbox with Ruwaidah and Brendon after Matsuri ended at 7+PM. I was walking infornt of Lavi and he called me and just to ask me where is the rest and am I the last one here and a 'bye' from him.. I know this is lame, but when I told Winona, she's like, AAAHH. The same thing happen to YiLin. hahas. Why leh? LOLS.
Then went to PayaLeybah(idk how to spell) de Kbox there to sing. The room is small, but was alright. We like have so much fun. Took pics too, but was with Ruwaidah's phone. My damn handphone don't have batt!!! Damn angry with it and myself lo, for forgeting to charge!! I thought still got batt mah.
Went back home 'round 11PM+ as we lost our way home at hougang there. So funny. Took 70M and 156 home. I have fun so much!!! :D
EOY sure go, even if need to pay for the entrance fees :D
I asked Brendon to cosplay as that shopkeeper from Bleach. That guy with white and green hat :D Hahas..

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