Early Morning.. Zzzz..

by - 10:00 AM

I am offically out of LongJohnSilver's. I quited yesterday. Sunday. Now is 1.11AM in the morning of a sleepy monday. I didn't sleep as I haven't finish my geog and english homework and I am totally not doing it. I wanna watch Shugo Chara, but I must force myself that I must finish at least my english so that I can watch in peace.

Right, I am so totally never gonna step into LJS to eat again. Unless to see that someone only.. Not Brendon, stupid.. He said he wanna work in hougang mall. I missed my haha-manager. He's super cute. Haiis, I really miss all my hougang mall's friends.. Ginna too): Miss the laughters. Compass is so-so la. WeiTing is funny too. And yesterday I keep kena bully by her, Aisha and Brendon as they just don't let me paged in the stupid order. As least even I quit, I know how to do cashier(:

Okok.. fine, gotcha do my homework already. But I doubt I can finish even english now x.x Stupid!!! zzzz.. I CAN'T SLEEPP!!!! Damn it!!

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