by - 6:52 AM

Haiis, I'm so bored now. And yes, I don't like anyone, so Ai, please don't say anything to anyone, alright? Hahas. I am just freaking bored now..

Alright then, this few days is abit of relaxing, 'cause I got 2 day off from LongJohn, and I think Fame is totally bias. Don't ask me why, it's just a feeling. Great, I'm kinda very busy now, cause EOY is coming, and I mean EXAMS, not cosplay. Anyway, my Lenalee Version 3 is ready and Ice told me to collect it. I wanted to, but like I can't, right? Cause friday, sat and sun I got full day work. I like so damn pissed off now.. Haiis..

Yuuki's dgm team's BONDING is when also? Can someone confirm with me? I must tell Fame so that she can get me off free that day(: It's on wed? After school at AMK?

Haiis.. I am so totally bored..

Found out Lavi's blog and reading it but soon found it has too many words. Althought like me, but I am so tired because stupid Long John make me so tired. And now I don't even have time to STUDY!! If I continue like this, I'm gonna fail!!

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