by - 8:41 PM

Haiis.. Stupid, yesterday was so angry. Mum and sis didn't even cheered me up, instead they locked my computer up again. Now, I have this stupid time limit on my computer system. Haiis, got to be guaiguai le worhs~

Fucking pissed off by this type of things. I don't really wanna care anymore. Anyways, Renee said to say a sorry to one another, but the phone dead. But not my problem. I did waited for a call back, but haha, I did not get one. So that means everything is alright now?

So, here goes.. LALALALALALA~~~~ Rewinded! ... What just happen? Ok, I sound stupid.

So, I must continue work hard for my EOY. That means, my total into it cosplay and my exams...

Haiis.. Anyway..
Happy Children's Day to all Children and all who think they are kids, still.
To all muslim people out there, a Happy Hari Raya! (:

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