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I went to Photoshoot with my family at Little India there today. Stupid lavi never reply my sms, make me stay awake till morning!!! ARGHH!!! So tired and mother keep not happy with me, what's wrong with her? Then she wanna make ErJie to scold x.x She's an ass.

YiLin told me Kuroko online, so I tried to rush home and my computer time left like so little le): That's totally unfair to me lo. Hack care!!

Stupid Ayu, anyhow make up a story XDD Now I know Lavi don't like her liao XDD So happy for her, me and himm :)

Lavi don't even like her at the first place, and now he is so damn scared of her now XD See her then hurry ran away (: Must thanks to YiLin too!! I online and YiLin went offline x.x stupid.
Eh, sister, I'll save you a hug!!! :D *hughugiess


So happy now ..

talking to Lavi now too!!

Make me yesterday so pissed off and unhappy and sad leh.. Stupid Ayu!!! You think you know him very well isit? Hahas, dream on barhs~ Lols .


Taggedd XDD
To Winona in Tag : Hahas, he's mine 4ever, don't anyone wanna take away :D hahas.

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