by - 12:02 PM

It's 3.02AM in the morning. I can't sleep and I am very tired. I wanna study, but I just can't open up my geo file up to read. I can sleep at any moment. Today still got work. But Fame is not as mean as the few days before. At least she nagged at me and I totally hack care her and continue my work. I am totally sick of standing there and smile and say ' How can I help you?' to everyone I see. I am totally very sleepy now.. And I am listening to a sleepy song.. No choice, all my songs mostly are sad sad type. Unless you wanna me play rock-on music, which I can't even study also.

In other words, I can't study and I can't get it inside my stupid head!! Damn it!! So wanna sleep... zzz... NONO!!! I must keep awake!! I know I can.

Stupid!! Tomorrow still got work. Wah, tomorrow got TuZi outing and Dgm photoshoot all together. But, I can't go for two of them as I got this stupid job of mine!! Damn it! I am totally regreted joining this hard core job. Go do blow job more easy la, damn you LJS!!

Haiis.. got to study..

Nevermind, I share with you all the good news 1st, I got my lenalee version3 (altered) and it's ready and I took it home today!! Lovely~! And I got flame by hoop and reiya or whatever her name is. Damn it lo.. Everytime like that. Can't you all cosplayers at least be kind and friendly? Scold, scold and scold. I thought cosplayers are friendly?? What happen to *some of them?? Anyone know where to get RED SHOE?!?! I need it!! Before next event, I don't wanna get flame again x.x damn it! x.x

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