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Prince here.

YES. I finally managed to log in to this stupid blog. (Why is the damn username so hard to remember???) -.- Sigh. Anyways... Too bad Jing Wen can't come online. That means I have to babysit. I mean, take over her blog for a while. =D

Well. Nothing much to talk about. But based on the many blog posts below where JW posted countless pics of herself, it must've been pretty boring... (NO OFFENSE, JW, DON'T GO BEATING ME UP) It's like, what? a microwave in my room. What's more, I have no air-con... WHYYYYYY YOUUU MUST BEE SOOO CRUEELL

Bleaugh. The Botanic gardens must've been boring 0.0 Nothing but plants.

Well, I ought to be going now... D.Gray-Man's coming up.
P.S, After looking at countless cosplays of D.Gray-man, Lavi and lenalee is now my most hated characters.

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