Stupid day and updated blog

by - 1:45 AM

I'm really so bored. Updated my blogskin and blog song and hope mina will like it :D I'm ever so bored, but at least I still got half an hour or less to write craps here.

And by the way, thanks Prince for blogging!! LOve YOu! But stupid you, what do you mean by my blog is boring? Like please, mine is way better than yours. No one knows you lived till you adv yourself in my blog :D It's good to take pics and upload it as my handphone no more space. And sure, I'm gonna beat you up if I ever see you :D And blogging in here does not make you as a babysitter(:

Yupyup, yesterday to Botanic Garden and it was like super boring. Plants, plants and more plants. At least me and Winona pretend to be exorcist and run around like some fools and we walked up and down hills and I was asking Joey remember to take that photo and this and that photos.

I really cannot stand people who can't carry their own things, so next time try to bring your own bag instead of asking people to carry it for you. Well, I don't mind if it's anything, but water bottle. See what happen to all the boys' PSP when Alvis wet the bag? Hahas, I kena this type of thing before, and so I guess I, myself is really afraid that my water bottle will do something like this. But until now, my current water bottle did this type of thing not. So I'm just glad to have my water bottle and I don't believe anyone who ask me to carry for them and ask their water bottle don't do those type of stuffs. It's not I finding excuse not to carry, it's that the water bottle is your thing and if you don't wanna to take care of it yourself, why must I? And I don't believe in anyone but myself.

We came back half an hour earlier yesterday, but till, I don't find anything I did is interesting, I mean, I felt like wasting my time there when I can go home and sleep for hours. But I guess, we go there, out of good will, I am totally like feeding myself to the mosquitoes there. Why? I got bite by a lot of them.

I just can't stand it, so today I took out my famous needle and poke and poke and poke the bites and apply medicine on them. It helps, but not a lot. So I guess.. I didn't poke enough? But at least I on my stupid AirCon that Prince don't have and it's cooling~~ Hahas..

Ok then, chat ends here. See ya~ Chaos!

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