Stupid school reopen

by - 11:45 PM

I'm so damn bored. Tomorrow's school reopen and somemore COMMON TEST and it's MATHS. This really do sucks . What can I do anyway? If I got power, I wanna Miranda's Innocent and to repeat today over and over again. Althought it's kinda bored today, at least there's no school and I think all the kids will love me. This really sucks. What else can I do now? There's nothing I can do to stop kids' horror nightmares. But who knows, I can pass my maths(:

This is way too down to earth. And youtube really sucks. All the stupid videos cannot watch. And that dumb Soul Eater's sub is way too blur and small.

And that dumb TuDou that can never load anything. Load a simple D.Grayman also cannot and something is wrong with my dumb computer as my sister temp with it. The megavideo also cannot be watch. What's wrong with this computer?? What wrong with you people??!? Watch a simple anime also find it so damn hard. I can't even go in my anime6. This is so damn piss me off!! And my animeost too!! Great!! Make me so damn bored and SGCLUB got nothing to wrote and SGCAFE is too laggy. Great!!! Damn you computer!!

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