by - 3:02 AM

This Lenalee Version 3 is very good. Must learn from her. Hahas. She brought it online, I should have brought it online too. The other Lenalee looked pretty, but she's very 'dao' leh.
Yesh! N0rik0!! She's damn pretty!!!
Bleach, GoGoGo!!! She don't look like Rukia to me.
Lavi!!! Allen!! and Lenalee!!!
Even the famous Pokemon is there too :D

She's damn pretty lo TT PRETTY!!

Haha, me and Winona. Onii-san, don't you dare to come near me or I give you a 'Lenalee Kick!'
Another one too!!
Winona, my onii-san!!! Komui-san!!

You just make my oversize lenalee more oversize x.x

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